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Reasons to Call A HVAC Contractor Before You Buy Your New Home

Posted 12/7/2023 By Luke Atterman

The first and most compelling Reason is to save money. When You Start the process of buying a new home in Phoenix you call to get an inspection of your prospective home to look for problems that may or may not be there.The only problem with this is that the Inspector is not a HVAC professional trained at spotting problems with an ac unit if there are any. Just recently i was at a New homeowners home in Scottsdale for a no cool call to find out why the system was not working. Long story short the system compressor had failed. Now these new homeowners did every thing right they had the inspection. That missed a 20yr old r-22 system that was way after its expiration date. And also they were given a home warranty policy from choice that was supposed to cover problems with the heat pump if it failed.
The only problem is the warranty company does not cover problems that happen due to leaks. And they also didn’t cover the R-22 that leaked out at $150 per a pound.
Long Story short the warranty company gave them $500 toward the repair an they ended up having spend $7500 out of pocket.The moral of the story is that if your buying a new home spend the extra money and have a HVAC Contractor out to your perspective home and not end Up having to spend $7500 for a new unit when it could have been avoided. Call 623–521–6448 or go to

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